Cooking Soluble Fish With Banana Oil

Out into the world to see Who’s Who and What’s Not -Count Screwloose In baseball parlance, a “screwball” is the opposite of a “straight pitch”, that is, a trick play, an unforeseen or erratic tactic. The screwy, at its most basic, is a form of energy, something simultaneously marvellous, explosive, and, as a consequence of [...]

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L’Homme sans horizon – Joël Gayraud

A new book by Joël Gayraud is available here  L’Homme sans horizon At the beginning of the millennium, after the collapse of the Eastern bloc, the horizon of humanity has been abruptly shuttered. On an overexploited and mutilated planet, where no one believes in progress, capitalism appears as an unsurpassable frontier. Dangled as a lure, [...]

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“Only by despairing, and then despairing of despair, can mankind begin truly to see and to act consciously in the service of the marvelous. This preliminary violation of the rules prepares the way for an entirely new game, our game, know as subversion, sublime love, the exaltation of freedom." - Lighthouse of the Future Manifesto, [...]

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The Cenacles and the Limelight

Recently we have seen a wave, an inflation of events and exhibitions called “surrealist.” One of its characteristics is the notable presence of sponsorship logos, most of them representing more or less official cultural institutions. We note the participation of more and less well-known, including some repulsive people from the academic world. In other words: [...]

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Polymorph Bodyshop Opening Night

POLYMORPH BODYSHOP PARTICIPANTS Jason Abdelhadi, Michele Bachelet, Maria Brothers, Steven Cline, Casi Cline, Peggy Cline, Paul Cowdell, William Davison, Rikki Ducornet, Merl Fluin, Mattias Forshage, Kathleen Fox, Sebastián Jiménez Galindo, Javier Galvez, Joël Gayraud, Guy Girard, Ottawa Surrealist Group, Sa’ad Hassan, Janice Hathaway, Sherri Higgins, Bruno Jacobs, Aaron Dylan Kearns, Renay Kerkman, Arianna Khmelniuk, [...]

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His Body is a Crow is a collection of surrealist poems by Steven Cline. They are a signalsign from a unknown place. A place of strange entities and folkloric thingamajigs, of cruelty and sweetness in dialectical communion. In these poems Word fornicates with Word, and Meaning has very little gravity. Meaning may be seen to [...]

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Hypnagogic film for your indoor voice, please!

Scene I   A flower spreads open in black and white with a tentacle for each petal. One cloudy day this plant will gesture threateningly to a line of elementary students in front of their school.   Voice: “The smallest is the best kind.”   [This film is cut from the hypnagogic imagery and phrases [...]

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An Attempt at Busby Berkeley Exegesis

Love will take you by the hand And lead you to its wonderland Forget about your rainbow schemes Spin a little web of dreams Busby Berkeley is the hermetic tardigrade of cinema. Busby becomes our homunculus each time we view the pleasures of his celluloid geometry. Each time we “bring our broken melody” into his [...]

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