Wolf Dreams in the Night

This is what I sometimes spend my nights doing :

Night of March 24, 2004

Walking through a city in the southern hemisphere, I discover the constellation of the Southern Cross in the night sky. The four stars that compose it flash two by two, exchanging positions. In the window of a shop, I see an alarm clock decorated by Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio with a map that depicts three arrows materializing psychogeographic lines of force from the south of France towards Northern Italy. I meet a pretty girl, blonde with short hair, dressed in a small brown leather jacket worn over a white dress. She gives me news of a friend of German origin, W., whom I have not seen for three years, and informs me that he has a newsstand in Paris, near the shop of a Iranian, in the Latin Quarter. We enter an undetermined public place where I go to the bathroom. She slips in behind me and we make love.

Night of May 29, 2012

X. and I are taking a dérive through Paris. It is dark, we are naked, it is winter, and yet we are not cold. The streets are deserted. We are absolutely alone. We leave behind the Gare de l’Est and arrive at the beginning of the rue du Château-Landon, where I lived during the whole of my childhood. But the street lamps are all off and the street is plunged into a black ink. No need to pursue it, I could not show X. the building where I lived for so many years, we would distinguish nothing. At this moment, the first glimmers of dawn appear, and above the city a snow-covered mountain appears on which stand out some houses and groups of trees. I tell myself that it is the Butte-Montmartre without really believing it. We were going to take the Faubourg Saint-Martin northward, when we noticed that the right sidewalk, oddly bare of houses, borders a small gently rising hill. I perceive at the top several wolves watching us. One of them comes down to us. He is very handsome, he has a beautiful silver coat and blue eyes, and approaches in search of caresses. I take him in my arms, I caress his fur that feels so soft against my skin, and X., too, does the same. We are naked, but we are confident, we know that wolves are our friends and they will not hurt us. X. and I kiss each other while holding the head of the beautiful animal tight between our two chests.