From Arsenal 4:
“In a well-known game children are invited to examine a picture and find elements in it that are somehow “wrong”: A person standing in midair; a dog reading a book, etc. In our surrealist version of the game, first played on July 1988 in Chicago, each player identifies the “wrong”, or anomalous elements in a ordinary, mass-circulation picture.”


1. Nose is not really a nose, but a disguised anteater colony.
2. Man is upside down and there is simply an empty
universe inside his body
3. Hiding under the machine is vicious slime mold that
has learned to caress feet lovingly
4. The sky is supposed to be dipped in cream or at the
very least not purple
5. Why isn’t he running?

The grass is singing the wrong song for a wedding. His
glasses see everything in shades of regret and contempt.
The steering wheel is an elephant. The tractor itself is a

1. His blindfold is transparent.
2. The wheat flows up instead of down and the sky is
inside out.
3. The man-thing’s mind is in his pocket.

The meat he wears round his neck is still alive and
asphyxiating him.

The tractor’s been left running and will soon roll over
the person; the orange metal giraffe in the background
needs a better neck and some ears; his laser-vision glasses
were not working or he would have blasted the photog-
rapher; the tractor’s shadow is alive but resting.

The human simulacra is being stalked by a metal dinosaur


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