Quotes on the weather

Nothing is more characteristic than that precisely this most intimate and mysterious affair, the working of the weather on humans, should have become the theme of their emptiest chatter. Nothing bores the ordinary man more than the cosmos. Hence, for him, the deepest connection between weather and boredom. How fine the ironic overcoming of this attitude in the story of the splenetic Englishman who wakes up one morning and shoots himself because it is raining.
– Walter Benjamin, The Passagenwerk

No one looks at his feet: we are looking at the beaches of the sky …
– Ennius

The clouds are the eyelids of the wind
– Malcolm de Chazal

I am surrounded by small clouds, and when I get through the air I change
– Geronimo

And with great courage, I find my standards of floating clouds
– K’iu Yuan

Those whose desires have the shape of the cloud
– Charles Baudelaire

Sometimes I see endless beaches in the sky, covered with white, happy people
– Arthur Rimbaud

By rocking stones I set the bottom of the cloud in motion
– Kia Tao

I still believe in the clouds, pardon me
– Paul Nougé

There are times when the perfection of the Good and of the Beautiful arises as between clouds
– Friedrich Hölderlin

The clouds floated like a menstrual stream
– Apollinaire

The grimacing crowd no longer leaves any place for the clouds
– Ilmar Laaban

She, the Enclosure’s Source, the confused cloud of the Storm
– Lycophron of Reggio

I’m going where the weather suits my clothes
– old blues

But past calculation comes a cloud of forgetfulness
– Pindar

A wind scout never gets to sow, and a cloud watcher never gets to harvest.
– Solomon (the Preacher)

MAM EE EMO – that’s a cloud
– Velimir Khlebnikov

All are clear, I alone am clouded
– Lao-tzeu