Psychological Weather Report

Take a subjective reading of the weather, using whatever measurements or mechanisms that come to you. If possible, provide a real timestamp and location.

Jason Abdelhadi

OTTAWA, Sept 25 – 6:56 PM. A miasma leftover from 6 tornadoes, uncomfortable ashes in the sky break into unceasing humming. An atmosphere of foreboding, an abandoned industrial piece of equipment thrown up by the harvest moon. An almanac written on the inside in of a doll’s eye.

LaDonna Smith

Halfway to Louisville, a large blob spewed & shattered, pounding bucket loads of dirty waters on the barely visible moving objects with trailing mists..

Vittoria Lion

ALATNA VALLEY, ANTARCTICA, September 28th, 8:25 PM.* Great fleshy tumours sprout from the mountainsides and stir up the ingredients of the sky into dollops of meringue, foretelling the hatching of the Profound Albatross (whose embryo is ensconced in a pillow of the aforementioned meringue). *This weather report brought to you by remote viewing.

Maria Brothers

COLUMBUS, OH • 7th of November, 3: 17 PM Feuille-morte­ : Lady Autumn embezzles her dazzle sweeping the sun beams away. Myriad puffs of vapor morph themselves in the horizon – altogether apropos – as they embrace freely a dim surface of a disintegrating velocious mirror set afloat upon a swarm of cobweb spiders. I absorb and lose myself in the shrewd and gritty detritus that is my pasty reflection.

Craig Wilson

CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS, October 1st, 7:54 AM. It’s about twenty degrees cooler than last week and for this reason, the surrounding air is translucent. The sun has abolished only certain shadows; new shadows grow like sleep deprivation across every park bench and doorway even though there are no clouds. They’ve all been sucked through a straw to form a tiny storm some miles to the south, a most peculiar storm that has stolen everyone’s shoes. The air is thick with injera bread and you can safely look at the sun through its holes, but stare too long and you’ll get a thunderstorm in your head. Don’t forget there are tiny symbols embedded inside every molecule and they are in search of a turntable to stifle yawns.

Stephen Kirin

BURY ST EDMUNDS, UK,October 1st 17:07. 15000 lumps of sugar beet are boiled in the huge machine. The result is used to grease the wheels of hyper mania in 15000 handpicked planted babies spread over adjoining ploughed fields. The fug over spills huge chimney stacks mixing seamlessly with endless grey clouds.

Michael Vandelaar

ADELAIDE, Sept 26 – 9:40 AM. Simmering tension in the air as migratory birds shape clouds into prophetic tableau

ADELAIDE, Sept 28 – 7:44 AM Less is more. Clouds interfere with the earth’s circumference. I face east. That is the way.

Erik Bohman

BROMSTEN, SWEDEN, 1st of October, 15:27. Left window: A smattering of children in coveralls, preparing for the worst. Right window: A group of children in t-shirts, seemingly oblivious to the developments on the other side of the house. Here: Stale but stable climate that gets progressively colder the closer you get to the floor. I would imagine that just below the floor we reach the freezing point. Absolute zero located somewhere in the tvättstuga, with all the consequences that might entail for hygiene and pipes. From the roof, the sounds of a child stomping and wailing.

Hypotheses: The left window faces downwards, towards the frozen entrails of the earth. The left window faces the intolerable heat of tin roofs and clouds of steam. The centre is collapsing and not liking it one bit.

James McCrea

YORK, Sept 26 – 12:28 PM. Furtive winds shove me through narrow streets, helping me evade the cold greyness of an unforgiving sky.

Christopher Vowles

KIRKBYMOORSIDE, NORTH YORKSHIRE. 7 October. 15.54. Cloud murmurations (heave those windows shut, for the ash trees are contemplating flight). The skies have burned down now: chilly retirees blame the crows, noiselessly, from behind lace curtains.

Bruno Barnabé

SÃO PAULO, Sept 25 – 9:44 PM. A fascist hot wind is blowing from the south. The air is polluted with the stench of ‘to be forgotten’ military torturers. A dense and uncertain atmosphere weights on us.

Dark clouds and skirmishes storming ahead, and so late in time, raining its bloody drops of despair.

Ron Sakolsky

Rainy Mushroom Weather
Oct 2, 2018
Inner Island, British Columbia, Canadada

Current Conditions:
Mainly slippery jack
with a mix of puffballs, meadows, and turkey tails
and occasional cauliflower periods.

Next week’s forecast:
80% chance of chanterelles
with occasional pines, shrimps, rosy russulas, oysters, yellow foots, hedgehogs, shaggy manes, parasols, coral, boletes, and chicken-of-the-woods and a wildly unpredictable mix of witch’s butter, fluted black elfin saddles, amanitas, liberty caps and fairy rings.

These are the days when visions of mushrooms dance in my head.

Mattias Forshage

Arontorp village, Öland, ca 15.00, 26.10

The psyche is a variable but mainly open landscape where few trees will grow. The wind roams free.

It will invent its own likeness in countless images.

Many of which will build on pre-existing mythologies and be potentially misleading. (What isn’t?)

A snapshot of a scene projected onto the external landscape:

When the bus I was on turned onto the main road and ended up behind a big tractor pulling a trailerful of dirt.

Local sandy soil, on an open trailer, with wind gust speeds up to 17 m/s.

The once big pile of dirt was already sculpted into a little ridge, and a cloud of it came chasing the windshield of the bus.

A big caterpillar-like bus, slowly pushing forward regardless of whether blindly or not, in all this noise. All this noise.

A windscreen to serve as a projection space for all these images. Sometimes covered by dirt, sometimes metonymically revealing this open, almost empty landscape.