Tim White

Vampire as collegial spree

Vampire as collegial spree
of flying machines and bird men
in lustrous therapeutic embargoes

shrouded in dead leaves of semiotic catastrophism
extracting fulgent petals through their lips of clouds

a chiding winter
of ramshackle shrink-wrap hyperbolic nebulae sweeps in
to siphon the pith of clouds

Becoming amphibious

Why not visit precarious outer reaches in portraiture deleted by torrid splatters intransitive at the point of no return?

Why not interpellations of hybrid analogues personifed in coral diasporas?

After all we are operatic as curved imbroglios like storms of umbrellas opening their pants for reentry

Why not become amphibious?


in the presence of dreams
a ruined rinds of roads passes by
mapping modes of unknowing
bounded running for the hills
where warm proximate nights
bleeds invisible stars

fluid geometries oozing permafrost
in a catalyst of labor pains
unwinding in a plenum of planar phantoms
as warm proximate nights
bleed invisible stars