Ottawa Surrealist Group

The Miniaturist Séance

We detect the presence of a subatomic entity. Collectively, we question it. Each medium answers and writes a new question before passing it on.

What are you attracted to?

Little shepherds of golden places.

Who are your siblings?

Microdimensional radioactive isotopes of subatomicon.

How were you born?

In a hollowed-out stalagmite leaking burning Play-Doh.

What do you consume to sustain yourself?

The fluid inside teeth, the older the better, the bigger the mammal, the worse.

What is the first thing you remember?

I awaken admiring a lightbulb.

Who is your worst enemy?

The Universe!

What do you hope for once you retire?

To fly at the speed of light through each orifice in a potato field in which each potato is simultaneously a black hole and a vagina (the potato field also grows over the Large Hadron Collider).

How do you have intercourse?

I break apart the nucleus with a peppermint made of scented essence and forego the lies of Pinocchio to lie and lay down my extension through the manhole of the sheet.

– JA, PP, L, VL, played on March 18 2018