Ottawa Surrealist Group

The Microscope Game


In the circle of the microscope, each player draws something and then draws a circle for the next player to “zoom in” on. Each specimen will therefore be a close-up of the last.

Observational Notes

As we pass through the demon onion becomes a skull and fish kill the fetus. The microscope zooms in on muscles and tendons. We think on Ms. Frizzle from the Magic Schoolbus cartoon, which leads us to minerals and biofluids. When we look in the microscope once more we see sperm as a bleary mass of alfalfa sprouts. What a strange scenario to discuss sperm with a fertility doctor after masturbating with a parental figure nearby. A primal scene. Monty Python. A convocation speech, that is, the alienation inherent in all of rites of passage. KM is first to admit that when one looks into the microscope one usually doesn’t see anything at all. JA’s chronic early arrivisme—cumming too early.

Paranoiac Analysis and Classification of the Specimens


Jeff Rhino Shrimp Goldbloom;
Rhino syphilitic krill;
A living continent.


Demonic fetus onion in fish egg—medium;
Tops of trees, grassland.


The reproductive system;
Epigenetic alterations;
Not disgusting;


Flesh and muscle of the sexual gland made out of paint chips;
A murder scene, ritual murder.


“You always miss zooming in on the part you are supposed to see”;
Nerve endings;
Dry sponge;
Cell vacuums;
Parasitic gods that convince a person to kill themselves.


Brahman emerging out of Shiva;
Crows eating a fish cart;
Three islands with a series of canoes;
Canoe theatre.


An Egg – a sperm refusing to fertilize;
All sperms refusing in solidarity;
Series of crucifixions, none of which are important;
Atomic electron;
Unimportant crucifixion.


Kites being flown;
Millions and millions of sperm;
Just seeing white goop;
Looking in and seeing nothing;
The experience of having issues adjusting the mechanism;
The Magic Schoolbus paradigm;
JR as the Magic Spinozist lens-grinder, since she drew the circles freehand;
Welcome to the World of Microscope BDSM.


A far less representational result than expected. A recreation of cellular or molecular shapes that allowed for a lot of debate regarding their essential characteristics. The confusion of measurement, of the measuring device itself, or the ineptitude of the measurer. Childhood as a small science.

-JA, LL, PP, JR, MF, SH, KM on February 27 2018.