Beyond the Sea of Beyond

Upon the waves of the sea of beyond,
the bells made out of a grey swan’s wings ring.

Leviathan’s breath breathes
the one that is made of pewter.

The fish fill the bottles of
the hermaphrodite embossed
with froths of sea urchin’s legs.

They spin around the shore of a floating island
nude sirens with medusa hair.

The seahorse’s excreta of aseptic leafs,
they fluoresce upon the watery sketching

and while the sun of the unmentioned quotient
thunder upon its surface

asteroid fractures reflect
counting the steps of a bittersweet starfish.

Passions liberated – a glass and crumblings
fog on a tortoiseshell

that inside the magnetic pudenda of a reef,
philanders with mummified cries.

Crust octopus at bloody fountains
cross vowels’ thumbs.

Poseidon, impartial division’s judge
at the storms that strike, clouds of iodine.

They yell –FREEDOM!
The jellyfish that donate transparencies to the rocks.

An evergreen female body,
navigates like a boat on the sea breeze,

it decontaminates each of its inches
with sponges of dewdrop

at the eros of the sea shell,
it reignites its ninth sense.

The watery world of a tempest.
Red soil on red sprouts up book.

They bubble on the ashes of Atlantis,
fumes and fire rings reconstruction,
restricted on the cusp…

The end of an ordinary day…


When the sky
Looked down
And straight
To the sea’s eyes
The desire of the stars
Was reborn
As a red-crystal cube