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PECULIAR MORMYRID 8 – Call for Submissions

8? The number suggests an equilateral split. Consulting the Tarot, we find Arcanum VIII, Strength: the card shows a calm androgynous figure with a massive, cloud-like hat on its head, grappling a lion on the ground. The forces of power above our heads and below our feet. We go about our business for the most part sandwiched between them. Like opposites as two sides of one organism: the sunny side and the shadow side, visible and hidden, outside and inside, known and secret. Is to time to reconsider, or re-affirm the Hermetic dictum “As above, so below?” Taking our cue from the numerological reduplication invoked by these figure 8s, this issue we are pursuing two parallel hypotheses:

AS ABOVE – SURREALISM AND THE WEATHER: To move ahead, as Paul Nougé once suggested, poetry could integrate itself with other disciplines. This means adapting to new and shifting climates. We propose to conduct a thorough poetic investigation of the odd bundle of exteriorized phenomena we collectively, and perhaps hastily, label “the weather”. Is surrealism able to thrive as a weathervane?

SO BELOW – SURREALISM UNDERGROUND: To move ahead, poetry could on the other hand could dig deep and stay entirely out of the sun. Drawing on the lessons of subterranean creatures, crypts, and tunneled atmospheres we seek to explore the caverns of the spirit in its least accessible corners. As an environment and a concept, what secrets does the underground hold for the poetic spirit?

We invite you to send submissions on either or both of the dual prompts to:

Submissions will be accepted until December 7, 2018. Collective submissions and games are especially encouraged.

We hold our breath waiting for the next rain of earthworms.


Blog submissions

The Peculiar Mormyrid Blog is now open for general submissions on an ongoing basis. If you have something to communicate or an opinion to express on a topic of interest to surrealism or the surrealist movement, please submit. These submissions can be anything in the service of the marvelous, the poetic, or the revolutionary, but especially more casual, occasional or informational material than would be submitted to the journal. We think the blog would be an ideal place for essays on surrealism, news items, reviews, tracts, declarations, games, questions, surveys, rants, dream accounts, reactions to contemporary situations or other content that is explicitly surrealist in intent.

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