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Call for Submissions –
Welcome to the Microscopic Life

“And things are worse than ever,” thought the poor child,
“for I never was so small as this before, never!”

This spring, Peculiar Mormyrid invites you to step under the shrinking ray and to join us on an exploratory mission to the microscopic world. Together we will confront the perils of obscene orifices, towering bugs, looming toys, massive dice, a coin the size of a flying saucer, and other things too small to be considered ordinarily worthwhile. We will seek out the marvellous in the miniscule and in the insignificant. We will trivialize the so-called great triumphs of civilization by means of phallic shrinkage. On the lookout for subversive microbes and uncanny critters, we hope to skew the perspective of the everyday from below the below. We are especially interested in small objects, miniaturized circumstances, collective experiments and games around the microscopic and the unseen. In addition, we invite you to complete our


1. When confronting a miniaturized object (a dollhouse, or a diorama, or a model, or…) how do you react? Mentally? Emotionally?

2. Do you think your relationship to small things and feeling small has changed since childhood? How so?

3. Have you ever felt radically dwarfed?

4. Do you ever dream of small objects?

5. Have you ever wished to be shrunk? Under what circumstances? To what end?

6. Is there anything that scares you because it is so small?

7. Do you frequently notice small things all of a sudden “out of the corner of your eye”? Do they surprise you?

8. Is there a small character from a story, film, book, comic etc. or a scene that involves smallness or shrinkage, that has obsessed you or radically changed your life?

9. If you could put anything, any concept or anybody under a microscope, what would you choose? What might you expect to see?

10. What have you got in your pockets?

Please send submissions to:

Submissions will be open until MAY 20 2018.


Blog submissions

The Peculiar Mormyrid Blog is now open for general submissions on an ongoing basis. If you have something to communicate or an opinion to express on a topic of interest to surrealism or the surrealist movement, please submit. These submissions can be anything in the service of the marvelous, the poetic, or the revolutionary, but especially more casual, occasional or informational material than would be submitted to the journal. We think the blog would be an ideal place for essays on surrealism, news items, reviews, tracts, declarations, games, questions, surveys, rants, dream accounts, reactions to contemporary situations or other content that is explicitly surrealist in intent.

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