Arthur Spota

Students marched towards Police in Bomai on Monday

Protests broke out in Paris on Friday

Well over a thousand protesters

Six of them rappelled from the tower’s archway beneath the banner

some threw rocks,
lead balls,
smoke bombs
and full cans of Pepsi

Thousands of Russians lined up
scores of students
anti-fascists and anarchists

a possibility of escalation


police car destroyed
windows damaged
fires started
Molotov cocktails thrown
torching of at least eight buses
widespread show of public discontent

Many were geared up for a confrontation
— with helmets, shields and padding

fecal bombs and makeshift gas masks made of bottles and plastic


declared off-limits
detained in Istanbul

scattered detentions

workers’ rights
democratic rights
human rights
freedom of expression
and rule of law


Excessive force

Hundreds bathed in tear gas
Subsequently jailed


medics in gas masks attended to…

More than 500 people
arrested in St. Petersburg
In Samar
In New York
arrested in Moscow
in Kashmir on Friday
in Nowhatta Srinagar
in Taksim Square.

In the Siberian city of Tomsk

Police in Paris, Istanbul, East Croydon, Portland, Seattle, New York, Washington

hustling protesters onto buses, including one older woman holding a sign

“We have Putin, we don’t need food.”

A crowded calendar of anti-Trump dissent
The quality of a refrain

Le Pen hustled out of the cathedral by back door men

Spotted and booed again.

some chanted “shame”

A protest banner on the Eiffel Tower
emblazoned with the French motto “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”
gave Jean-Marie a case of sweeping impotence.

“What was he supposed to do? Let this hang forever”? Erdogan would later limply comment.

As May Day commemorations approached
People dressed in tuxedos and gowns found it hard to imagine Trump, a very rich man,
sodomizing the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Amid heightened tensions over a nymphomania of dollars in many sectors
that is impossible to satisfy, Presi-bent Maduro responded with an initiative to
“Multiply ourselves, like Christ multiplied the penises”.
But President Trump joked Thursday during a White House ceremony,
“I shouldn’t say this to that great asshole and my ass-wipe friend from Venezuela,
because you have better penises than we do, but I have a wife, listen, I like women.
But how good is a blowjob of a racist, right, if it would be appropriate for me to,
I would be honored to do it”.

autocracy, farcical presidential elections, continuous lack of perspective

an illegitimate government, elected to dismantle the rights of workers

police brutality and murders against the US Public.

A rash of Russian deaths
Twelve were shot, stabbed or beaten to death. Six were blown up.

a violent conclusion

Far right groups outnumbered 10-1 by anti-fascist demonstrators

White doves released from two white baskets outside the University of Santo Tomas
deposed President Rodrigo Duterte who reflected:
“Suddenly a teeny little bird entered and shit on me three times.
It landed on a wooden beam and began to howl, a horrible howl.
I stayed there looking at it and also howled.
Well, if you howl, I shit. So, I shit.
The little bird looked at me strangely. It whistled for a short while.
Flew around me once and left. Pope, son of a whore, go home. Do not visit us again”.

Over a thousand protesters kept across from the Intrepid
chanted “New York hates you!” over drums and tambourines

“This man in the White House does not know service, but did you know my name
is in more black songs than any other name in hip-hop?
And I’m not even into anal.
Well, someone’s doing the raping, Don! I mean, somebody’s doing it.
Who’s doing the raping? Who’s doing the raping?
I had some beautiful pictures taken in which I had a big cock on my face.
I looked happy, I looked content, I find it, a really, really beautiful thing to watch.”

“Bing bing, bong bong, bing bing bing”.