Elva Jones and Teeves Anguy

The Spasm of the MIcroscope

I had almost killed, it, I nose.

The boy held aquatic parasites, meningitis of the crystalline lens, time being nearly dies. I remember the shrimp shrink: therapy service for inadvertently miniaturised sea creatures.

Change the underground fungus gardens: hypnotic ciliary muscle made glorified moths. I can feel a carp coming on, and the bear freezes and mantis shrimp is mulched as compost.

Are we just the face mites on another enormous macroscopic being? (answer: yes)

Medical device infections where I think I’m in a perception photograph. A case of microscopic kimchi and sauerkraut – I was so relived when I saw it. The polar bear being so hotel, I get some kind of sepsis.

Put it in a cup