Answer the following questions about the sea:

1. What illness does it call to mind?
2. What is it made of?
3. What is its texture?
4. Is it capable of transformation?
5. What season goes with it?
6. What does it consume?

Jason Abdelhadi
1. Salmonella from pale blue pastrami
2. Lunar fingernail clippings and alchemical residue
3. Ashy and screaming
4. No, only more of the same irresponsible and predictable mutability
5. Pluviôse
6. It consumes maternal instincts

Maria Brothers
1. Dissociative amnesia from the luring sound of circling waves
2. Turquoise diamond morphing blocks
3. Silky mirror nebula effect
4. Yes, it is capable of transformation. Every so often whirling cyclones beget pulsating wires of titanium foam creating portholes and corridors for the curious wanderer
5. Monsoon season
6. It consumes your mystic aura

Maurizio Brancaleoni
1. Seasickness on dry land
2. Thucydides’s egg alveole with a pinch of menstruation blood
3. Crochet, with nets made up of mermen and bread crust drenched in Irish coffee
4. It is to turn into you at 5:25 pm on October 30, 2016.
5. No season seasoneth the sea son
6. Industrial waste, oil, dead beings of all kinds, corpses of glee as well.

Stelli Kerk
1. Stings and palpitations
2. Jelly brine
3. Gritty ooze
4. Transmogrification daily
5. Dog days of the dog star
6. The terror of transient terrain

Casi Cline
1. Diphtheria
2. Acetylcholine
3. Velvety
4. Constantly
5. Autumn
6. Depleted Time

Steven Cline
1. Dostoevskian Tuberculosis
2. Spongy Tofu
3. Gritty sandpaper or decaying limestone
4. It will transform on the last day of the last year of May. There are two options for it – either red flesh or cold vegetables, depending on the salt percentage that day.
5. Winter
6. Naked bodies aligned in a row, stretching across the beaches of every continent.

Megan Leach
1. Lunar decompression
2. Amethyst laced seahorse quills
3. The elasticity of cat tongues
4. Through the ebbing tides of diurnal gray-kelp
5. Consult your local shaman
6. The bone marrow of baleen whales

TD Typaldos
1. The worst of all the illnesses: Moi!
2. From broken glasses and sand from Mars.
3. It’s like a dead cloud who fell onto a whale’s back.
4. Everything, just everything.
5. The season of the youth.
6. It consumes the minds of nude priests.

Karl Howeth
1. Forgetful ear trembles
2. Alphabetically arranged formally dressed cherubs
3. Smooth earthquakes on porcelain masks
4. It is capable of fingertips on shellac durable record player hypertension
5. The season of gloating over windpipes
6. Derailed arguments

Tim White
1. Only the illness of a soul without a home
2. The sea is made of tears, lemonade and strangeness
3. It’s texture depends on its mood: silky if pleased, coarse and sandy when irritable
4. It is the essence of transformation. Its existence lies in its becoming other
5. All seasons go with it
6. It consumes language and meaning and spurs their empty shells on the beach