Patrik Sampler


An opinion on where to go when it gets hot. An opinion on Some Like It Hot. On Tony Thompson (drummer), anime, corn-haw, and continental breakfast. An opinion on baby Jesus and “a heart in the chair”. On white shoes, hair in soup, and “****s on ice”. On pay blood plasma, yellow swimsuit (translucent), and Scotiabank. An opinion on when to clap, the clap, band called The Clap, Band Called The Clap Hair Salon. Bus 240, Renee Gladman, books on order. Anti Nowhere League reunion ’92. An opinion on building code provisions, safety procedures, H-Block IRA crap-smear, dead-in-a-row. On The Economist. Komsomolsk-on-Amur. “I agree to the internet policy”, and “this is how money works”. On charts and chart-toppers. Android vs. Apple. Tits, “nice tits”, peanut butter and tits. On sitting comfortably, platinum blonde, t-shirt lift. Cock in a bottle, splattertron, Avaaz. Game changers. Square box, seven split shifts, rain on Sunday, te nugui, roundabout. Arrow down, Donald Trump, message in folder, what makes the world go round, fecal rumpus, Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 4MATIC. Bottled water, convenience. Luxury makeshift, exchange value, Springtime in Paris, Klaus Sperber, “better known as”. Back in the USA. Robert Fripp, Hall & Oates, playground in the Gaza Strip. Medicare, the key to your dreams. Waste of time, waste of money, “don’t cry tears it’s only wasted water”. On never having seen The Boys from Brazil. Eugenics, hand car job. Fifteen dollars. No comma. Press.


Issue 3 Table of Contents