Ottawa Depth Issue 8 2018-12-24T23:26:23+00:00

Ottawa Surrealist Group (JA, PP, L, SH) and Joël Gayraud

Varieties of depth

The intention behind this game was to tunnel into the depths. Of the earth, but also the subconscious, and the mind of the collective dreaming mole. The hypothesis was that there are many types of depth, and that a single drill downwards could show in addition to a linear penetration of strata, the simultaneous co-existence of alternate or open layers. There would be no center of the planet, this time, to mark our goal, but only ever the call of the depths just below. It was agreed that we would each bring along in our journey a variety of different measurements, and that these would be applied with systematic confusion. Each explorer would break ground on their spot. As they dug deeper, they could use any tool at their disposal to record what they encountered (text, drawing, a combination etc). To mimic the disorientation of gradual excavation and tunnel building, and the darkness of the below, the principle of surrealist blindness was applied: only the markings immediately above (or behind?) were shown, the preceding series being folded as progress was made. Forward, downward…