Ocean Proverbs & Superstitions

A man with starfish embryos in his head is a man well worth saving.

Carry an eyedropper with seawater with you wherever you go. A drop on the head of an enraged cop will transform the pig into a sympathetic cuttlefish.

Steven Cline

If you put your ear to a shell, and it whispers your name, you will die in water.

Release your bladder into the ocean on the same day every year for ten years to ensure a good fortune and long life to any offspring to the 5th generation.

Casi Cline

The old salts say it’s bad luck to hold onto a key that has lost its lock onboard on a ship. It’s said that a disgruntled seaman upon the vessel Foggobella placed just such a key under the bedding of the captain, who that night dreamt of a mutiny of such violence, that upon awakening, he hung four seamen forthwith who had featured prominently in his phantasy, but who had in reality done no wrong, such that it prompted the rest of the crew to rise up in earnest and slaughter with ferocity their puzzled superiors.

Jason Abdelhadi

In high tide strife, in low tide dream.

The fish who swims deepest sees without eyes.

Three-quarters of earth is ocean, three-quarters of ocean is darkness, three-quarters of darkness is vision.

Steve Morrison

If you ever happen to put your nose to your aquatic doppelgaenger’s eye, they are both destined to explode. However, you and your doppelgaenger will experience a bliss never enjoyed before, nor will it ever be replicable. A number of gill-endowed gum candies are enclosed.

Maurizio Brancaleoni