Maurizio Brancaleoni

Dying to taste it

having approached the gate he burst into candied fruits
his inside had been filled with lemon cream
the cadavers dislodged by the shockwave
get the chance to spice up poster models for armani
and enrich mcdonald’s burger buns

The Sex Solution

as the flux of seminal fluid
affects the peoples of the world entire
prostitution assumes cult value

idols made up of used condoms
and packs of birth control pills
are erected in predetermined loci:
works possessing great ethical significance

everybody’s banging
banging their fists on the magic sheath
mr renzi’s game
mr salvini’s game
mr berlusconi’s game
ms efebal’s game
they’re all on the game

the members are elated, benumbed

erectile dysfunction saves the best ones
the most secret fantasies are revealed
orgy fields are invaded

ISIS says:
everybody convert or die
or be sexually abused

everybody giggles