Maurizio Brancaleoni


Das Whirling Wszystko

In 1945 in Oppeln there was a woman who used to please herself
to Van Ostaijen’s poetic corpus
     – ah, el poeta, de welbeminde nam
de schaar

ma per favore, aspettiamo il risultato

          as the process was forever whatever ongoin’

     – the ceiling in Niechcic
     to jest dobra manga, the only full sentence I was allowed
to replicate
               bedsheets change equal to niemożliwe
on 13 June, BRUDness da last of his concerns
               collision, chance meetings with Das Weiblich
by the toaleta/bathroom

               pierogi sałatka, one is the mishmash of them books
we brought in several kosze, non-paid, libraries disgraced
by remont

let’s wait for the result tho’

another sweaty morn, roommates glued onto
the Whirling Wszystko causing
               their pants and dusty patches to be left in unpredictable lugar
                 depilation waste – The Sign of The Female – polluting
shower, kuchnie, kuuurwa!, kuchnie
                 crumbs onionskin empty packages the eternal oil-stained

scraps of blabbing że nie mogę rozumiec, alas

          but never go to the unblessed city of Berlin
where thou shalt be terrorized &
               painfully relocated

               more than anything else smart writings on the walls
fascinate me

czekamy, czekamy, everything shalt be undecided
               the woman told me,
and then she was looking carefully, watching intently
     the faces, the gestures,
          the never-ending flood

everybody in the world has a relative in my ridiculed Country

Writer and translator, some of his poems and short stories have appeared in manifold Italian collections and anthologies. In his bachelor’s thesis he showed how Hugo Claus’ The Sorrow of Belgium might be regarded as a ferocious and grotesque counterpart of Joyce’s Portrait. He also translated Patrik Sampler’s short story “Kansai Airport” into Italian. Interviews with writers and artists, translations and album reviews are regularly posted on his bilingual blog “Leisure Spot”:

He wrote Das Whirling Wszystko and a handful of other bizarre cross-language poems while staying in the small but lovely city of Opole in Poland.

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