Mark Young

ash / spews into / South American skies

Human health was created on LinkedIn as a response to operational friction which was severely
affecting the biophysical environment.

We’re looking at what kind of undemocratic chemicals & compounds go into its supply chains.

It’s kind of a job environment issue.

The issue of the restrictive conduct of “engaging people well” is under investigation in an indoor air-
controlled laboratory.

Negotiations on this subject shall commence as soon as possible.

milestones in design history

The difference in

meaning & usage of

the notoriously con-

fusing Japanese particles

は (wa) & が (ga) has

been battling major

health issues for months

& is in urgent need of a

seismologist conversant

with metaphysical conceits.


when incinerated

hackage documentation generation
is not reliable, will release dioxins
& other toxic chemicals into those
mainly cloud-based solutions that
empower web & mobile publishers.

Try a convenient sub-species of
humans instead. They just might be the
most economic & efficient conduit to
convey the various waste streams
usually restricted from urban landfill.