Maria Brothers

Submerge: tout est un rêve

Relieved from this land
I enter the orphic depths
“Keep your vision within the realm of the ocean” whispered the avowed voice inside my head
“For the flames within this bed of water
Will spit the rose’s bones in their foolish haste”
In a split second, I reckon, the noble plans of the sea…
I followed the hanging gardens, floating in a veil of charade. Doors after windows…
Beheading was the silence as a seahorse wishing well formed
The wooden swans breaching from the void mock the laughing bubbles inside the frigid sky
     of sand.
“Should I go any further…? What’s behind the…..” Pause.
A spot of an innocent wound is the bump of a shadowy light above
A fog of delusion against this brilliant night tide
And time reverts time ‘tick… tock’.