Leeds Surrealist Group

In response to the inquiry for issue No.4 of Peculiar Mormyrid, on the theme of ‘Surrealism & the Sea’, we decided to create six collective collages of imaginary sea creatures. Specifically, our collage game was directed to the fourth question of the inquiry:

A Surrealist deep-sea expedition is charting its course. What should it do? What equipment does it need to bring? What creatures do you envision it would observe? What types of samples should it collect?

The collage game was played at our weekly group meeting in The Grove Inn on Wednesday, 19th October, 2016. Each of the six participants brought along a background of an undersea scene, along with six collage pieces: a ‘body’, a ‘head’, a ‘tail’ and three additional features (protuberances, limbs, fins, tentacles, shells, mouths, etc.) Each participant passed their background to the player sitting on their right (i.e. in an anti-clockwise direction) and glued down their ‘body’ collage piece to the background they received. The six collages-in-progress were then passed around the circle and the ‘head’ added to the ‘body’. Next, the collages were passed on again and the ‘tail’ added, and so on. This process went on until all the remaining pieces had been glued down and the collages thus completed, creating six imaginary sea creatures.

The participants were: Kenneth Cox, Jan Drabble, Luke Dominey, Bill Howe, Sarah Metcalf, Martin Trippett.