Late night dialogue between Hypatia and Synesius
on the subject of alchemy

My work all the meanwhile, the writing On Dreams, the goddess ordered it and her blessing she put up over it, and so it has been vowed for her thank-offering. It contains an inquiry into the soul’s motion and other related erotic matters, which have not been known before nor yet spoken by anyone else.

Mine, dearest, has of late been the practice of one alchemical mistress. The transfer of happy liquids for bitter ones, to sing the joy in this heart as you make your way to your home from darkness to light bright and reprise the writing On Dreams, as you say, regardless and because your coming invites the ceremonials and the laying of petals at your stepping: may your return be joyous, the dreamscapes placid on this day that marks the birthday of that smallest goddess of incantations. And so, I conjure these words for you, Synesius:

“when you want to approach this beautiful technique look at the nature of plants and their origin, look at the air that is at their service and the nourishment that surrounds them, ensure that they are not harmed and do not die. Look at the divine water that moistens them and the air that governs them, for they have been incorporated into one essence

September 7, 2017