Jesús García Rodríguez


Dreamed the night of December 30 to 31, 2015. This is a long and complex dream, focused on works undertaken by a kind of self-declared popular power composed by many people in the neighborhood of Tetuán (Madrid): the reconstruction of a house on the street Ofelia Nieto that was demolished by the city council after a long neighborhood fight. In fact, various people built a beautiful new house in that place, made all over of very dark wood, in an atmosphere of generosity, solidarity and great fellowship. At the top of the ceilings – really soaring – some graffiti artists have made very beautiful paintings with very bright colors. During the breaks in the restoration work on the building, we all cook and eat together, read poems aloud, sing songs. In this context, the following event took place: Esperanza Aguirre (an ultraliberal conservative politician, candidate for mayor of Madrid, a spanish clone of Margaret Thatcher) has been beheaded because of her political excesses. Her head is exhibited all around Madrid, among the popular exultation, in a kind of great cavalcade of Magi. Then her head and brains are used to make a kind of grayish mojama sausage, of which I am offered a small slice.

(English translation of a text published in the book La Gran Tarde, edited by Bruno Jacobs, Ediciones La Torre Magnética, Madrid, 2016. You can substitute the local politician in the text for any other you wish in your own country)