Jaan Patterson


The Interim of Exclusions

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As André Pissoir put it; “Our solitude on a shadowless morning and discerning flinching, that is where epitome is rare!”

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The key locus as well the constitution sighing deeply through missing links according to this critical allegorical part construct spiritual alchemy primarily for audiences in their first formation. It appears to severely limit the useful context dipping toes trying the path of rigorous conceptualizing in spite of fiction and its statements.

Same paradoxes and dialectical reflections immerse bridging the gap with duct tape, it won’t actually call to reproduce and convolute in unity. Thus as we can imagine, the next stage of development would shift paradigms to rather obscure on its behalf. In terms of invitations, namely hysterical crisis complaints, can be set to similar memory traces by tacit agreements, this would only abduct and alienate the cause.

Unpardonable convulsions restrain desires such as comparable somnambulism being refused in early stages, it is not acceptable. Marked by ambivalence of divination and clinical spectrums, disjointed prospects immerse the thought on intrinsic interconnectedness delves in awe to the abyss which again makes synchronicity obsolete to track.

Opus contra natura. Deemed into one’s own rather antagonistic attitude invokes the spell, the certain needed hysterical sense of unbiased adaptation. By the way of a horizon structure in rendered examples and phantasmal projections, research of an exemplary virtual relationship will end the world of wo/mankind as Crawl Max perspicaciously remarks to the society of misperception. Citizens between state and ethnical modern-age will no longer exist.

Corrosive influence which sets the limitation of genuine super national sovereignty exclusively form a horrifying fact in such as two way stigmas.


Jaan Patterson (born 1975, Heidelberg, Germany) is best-known as the curator of suRRism-Phonoethics, the label he founded in 2008. Patterson’s artwork is experimental in approach, drawing upon surrealism and dada, and consists of everything from music to writing and collages. He is there, mostly human and prefers to breathe.

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