Peculiar Mormyrid 4 Fall 2016

List of Contributors
Inquiry into Surrealism and the Sea & Marine Communism


The People’s Madreporic Republic by Jason Abdelhadi
Response by Penelope Rosemont
Octopocalypse & Meanwhile, I’m dying to fuck you by Josie Malinowska
Sympatica Submergence by Fresh Dirt
There is Also a Monkey in the Red Sea, Jeffrey’s Hair, & Tibet Draws Nearer to the Sea by Dale Houstman
Notorious Bathyscopy by Mattias Forshage
The Ocean Container: Novel Excerpts by Patrik Sampler
Dream #236 by Andrew Mendez
Crystalline Octopus & Egg of the New World by Casi Cline
a leviathan, in the end by Maurizio Brancaleoni
Paris – Grandes marées d’équinox by Pierre-André Sauvageot


Poems by Emma Lundenmark
Ocean Murmur & The Oneiric Flood by Steven Cline
A Dream of Mirabella by Arthur David Spota
Appel pour la survie du voyage sur la haute mer by Ody Saban
The Oyster Eater by RW Spryszak
The Hermetic Sea, In the Gleam of the Shadow, & a review of le Domaine des Enchanteurs by David Nadeau
A Sea Odyssey by Gale Ahrens
The Last Will and Testament of Laura Lake
All Rotten Water by Dominick Coppi
Surréalisme ou barbarie by Joël Gayraud
In his own right & Mer à boire by Pieter Schermer
Bloodlarking above the Interior Seaway by Paul McRandle


The Emulation of Crabs by Kenn Kennedy
Beyond the Sea of Beyond, & Reborn by T.D.Typaldos
Enter the Dragon by Beth Garon
They Got Fish That Live In Trees by Neko Linda
Ngia Gladir A Liliv Ky by Stephen Kirin
Vernix by Merl Fluin
Psychalia Polis –The Drifting City by Rik Lina
Untitled (From the Coral Bleachers) by Allan Vilu
Burial on Isla Blanca by Stelli Kerk
Submerge: tout est un rêve by Maria Brothers
Still Water by Kate Tattersfield
The Music of the Sea by Beatriz Hausner


Collage Game with Leeds Surrealist Group
Life Partially Submerged by The Surrealist Group of Stockholm
The Svartsjö Experiment with The Surrealist Group of Stockholm
Surrealism as a vehicle by The Surrealist Group of Stockholm
Deep Sea Communism by The Surrealist Group of Stockholm
Surrealist Battleship with Jason Abdelhadi & Amber Craig
Marine Philozoophy with Jason Abdelhadi
only you and the hideous monsters who swarm in those black depths do not despise me by SLUT, the Surrealist London Under Takers
Burial at Sea
Ocean Proverbs & Superstitions


Visual Art by: Bruno Barnabé, Heidi Bird, Maurizio Brancaleoni, Steven Cline, Casi Cline, Rikki Ducornet, Beth Garon, Guy Girard, Janice Hathaway, S. Higgins, Karl Howeth, Alex Januário, Philippa Joly, Laura Lake, Megan Leach, Rik Lina, CM Lundberg, Renzo Margonari, Matta, Steve Morrison, Sheila Nopper, Michael Richardson, John Richardson, Ody Saban, Ron Sakolsky, LaDonna Smith, Deborah Stevenson, John Welson, Johnny Williams, Davey Williams, Bill Wolak