Peculiar Mormyrid 3 Spring 2016


Pas Un Cadavre: 50 Years Since the Death of André Breton


Breton vs Ehrenburg: A Détournement on the Boulevard Montparnasse by Jason Abdelhadi

The Night of the Sunflower by Elise Aru

To Breton by Maurizio Brancaleoni

Late Wednesday Morning: An Adventure with André by Casi Cline

This Happens To Be Now by Paul Cowdell

L’explosante by Claude Cauët

butterflies, sable pride by Daniel Fierro

André Breton in China by Guy Girard, Illustrations by Pierre-André Sauvageot

André Breton et les météorites, même par Le groupe surréaliste de Paris

Poem by Alex Januário

Scorched landscapes of my mind & Andre Breton in Babylon by Valery Oisteanu

after mad love & breton quintet by Scherezade Siobhan

Navigations by Arthur Spota

L’angle du bac by Virginia Tentindo, Poem by Joël Gayraud

Would you open the door?

Dreams & Encounters

Visual Art by: Alex Januário, Ana Orozco, Andrew Mendez, David Nadeau, Guy Ducornet, John Richardson, John Welson, Jon Graham, Maurizio Brancaleoni, Miguel de Carvalho, Mitchell Pluto, Rik Lina, Steven Cline



All of the Lady in Sly Concoction & Their Shades Are Legend by Bruce Boston

Home Remedies with Concave Instruments & Garden Of You by Cassandra Carter

Floors and Flowers, Needless To Say, & Shops Are Not an Argument for People by Dale Houstman

Alley Walk Into the Dark Park by James Jackson

Fado-dada by Valery Oisteanu

The Cake in My Handkerchief Has Grey Skin for the Birds & How the Earth is a Flutter of Little Schisms (Rimbaud’s Little Sowing Table) by Arthur Spota

The Unsyllabicated Words, A Woman‘s Scarlet Color, & The One Hundred Years War by T.D.Typaldos

ash / spews into / South American skies, milestones in design history, & when incinerated by Mark Young




On the Road to Abandoning Artistic Responsibility & Vagabond Starscape from the Corner of the Desert by Jason Abdelhadi

Red Penning Slips by Maurizio Brancaleoni

Heavy the Tiara: The Twitterpation of Miss America by Nicholas Alexander Hayes

Excerpts from a journal by Philip Kane

Enquete Sur La Sociologie Du Vitreur Quarante Six Ans Apres & Pour Un Nid De Caresse by Ody Saban

Opinion by Patrik Sampler

The English Opium-eater Hurled by Whirlwind Into an American Halloween & The English Opium-eater, Reportedly Alive and Living His Dreams by Matt Schumacher

No Continuity & Lens by Tamara K. Walker

Nuclear Autopsy by Craig Wilson




amalgamate III by Steven Cline

Mount Analog & Natural History by Steve Morrison




Cactuswater & Wet Dream by Johannes Bergmark

Tincuhte by Casi Cline

Le labyrinthe de la mort symétrique by David Nadeau




Visual Art

Visual Art by: Jay Blackwood, Casi Cline, Steven Cline, Ashley DeFlaminis, Angel Dionne, Guy Ducornet, Janice Hathaway, Sherri Higgins, Karl Howeth, Stephen Kirin, Megan Leach, Rik Lina, Renzo Margonari, Andrew Mendez, Rithika Merchant, Jaan Patterson, Toby Penny, Mitchell Pluto, Evelyne Postic, Ody Saban, Nelly Sanchez, Mark Sanders, Craig Wilson, Bill Wolak, İzem Yaşın