Peculiar Mormyrid 2 Fall 2015



A Life in the Day Of, The Lateral Eclipse of Bound Sunsets, & Surrealist Shopping List by Bruce Boston

Das Whirling Wszystko by Maurizio Brancaleoni

The Pelican by Rebecca Maria Rose Gismondi

American Dreamer, Real Cool, Listening to a Seashell, Hilarity Ensues by Howie Good

The Bells, Politics, & November 19 by Brooks Lampe

Apocalapse & Citizen revolt by Esther Greenleaf Murer

Breffist, Citys gray exhalation like a robe with nothing beneath , & As if I’m a Cow on the Beach by Dan Raphael

We Are Here by Irina Rus

Sweater Weather by Rex Ybañez


If I was the Talking Animal in a Story by Michael Andreoni

Selections by J. Karl Bogartte

Openings by Steven Cline

Zeno’s Paradox by Angel Dionne

You and Us & Counter-Dreams by Brandon Freels

Don’t Count Your Chickens by Nicholas Alexander Hayes

Affairs of the World by Patrik Sampler

Sometimes I’m there, sometimes I’m not by Tim White

Text & Image

Ephemerality 7 by Casi Cline

Let in the Infinite? Text by Paul McRandle, Collage by Gregg Simpson

Cornucopia Collaboration – Text by Zac Odin, Images by Rik Lina, Gregg Simpson and John Welson


Visual Art