Peculiar Mormyrid 1 Spring 2015

Peculiar Mormyrid Issue 1


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Slash for the Lowlands #16 by Glen Armstrong

Front Doors by Daniel de Cullá

Canto #3 & Spiraling Introversion in Solar Colors by Santino DallaVecchia

Ghost-rounds by Daniel Fierro

Hypotenews by John Grey

La trompette et l’accordéon, Dieu débarrasse la vaisselle, & La valisette de Michaël Peu by Gilles Latour

Smoke Signal by Nate Maxson

Pageant of Page Ants by D. Russel Micnhimer

Sites of the Shadow, Axis of Fog, & Dark Healer Dream by David Nadeau

Walrus Stillness by Gerard Sarnat

I Regret: & Give Me by Domenic Scopa


Aqua(ma)r(der)ium by Maurizio Brancaleoni

Anger Management, Salt Water, Machine Adopts Two Human Children, & He Thinks It Impossible by Cid V Brunet

Offal of Eve by Casi Cline

Sanguine Parentheses & Elsewhere, Unknown 3 by Steven Cline

Stormchaser by Dylan Debelis

Art in Malibu & Shine a Light by William Doreski

Dispatch From the Crash Site by Howie Good

Swans of Beaten Linen: Light Reflections & SELECTED SEGADAS by Dale M Houstman

The Tao of Cards by Andrew Mendez

The Interim of Exclusions by Jaan Patterson

Cats and Dogs: A Bildungsroman for the Post-Post-Post Modern Age by Brett Petersen

Maquinna by Patrik Sampler

Visual Art