Golden eyes

A transparent being enters the scene.
Who am I? he asks.
He does not exit but dissappears.

A very large man enters the scene.
He enters, passes by, leaves.

A man with gold eyes enters the scene.
He walks with the sun on his back.

Some young girl also enters,
At the same time an ant, and sad.

The gold man, sun on his back:
Nervous, the hands in the night look to press
on the bedframe
Beating, the heart opens its eyes in the dark

of the night.

Meanwhile the young girl sits down.

The man with the golden eyes, sitting,
Beside the young ant, a sort of girl:

Who am I, nail dug into the wood
Black and dry ?
I am a thousand years old and I glimpse the night
I have a thousand suns in my inflated heart
But the ocean
Awaiting the night.

The young girl, cheerful :

The man of gold, gold eyes :
Gold heart
Bone of calcium.

The young girl :
Gold eyes.
Bone of calcium
Heart of gold.

They stop talking.
The young girl and the sun set
While the eyes of the man of gold shine brighter and brighter
In the night.