Editor’s Introduction

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Peculiar Mormyrid Journal! The journal has been a labor of love since its inception a mere two months ago. Not only have we been dedicated to compiling a marvelous collection of surrealist art, poetry, and prose, we have also sought to familiarize the general population with the philosophies and aims of the surrealist revolution.

Our goal at The Peculiar Mormyrid Journal is simple; we endeavor to bring you the best in contemporary surrealist works. We hope to further the philosophies of surrealism and show that the surrealist movement is particularly relevant in today’s modern society. In fact, surrealism is necessary. We wish to help dismantle overt rationalism and capitalism before their influences cause the annihilation of the human imagination. Through text and visual art we seek to show that society’s dependence upon rules and stability repress the natural play of thought. We seek to abolish the restraints society has placed upon both our minds and spirits.

We are dedicated to the growth of The Peculiar Mormyrid Journal. This first issue is just a start. We hope this journal will instill in you a taste for the marvelous. In the pages of this journal we hope you develop a yearning to delve into the unexplored regions of the human subconscious. We hope you find this collection unsettling, disturbing, and inspiring.

At the end of the year we hope to offer a print anthology of the best works we have published. I would like to thank the team of talented editors and web-designers who made this publication possible in the first place; Casi Cline, Steven Cline, Patrik Sampler, David Nadeau, and Jason Burleigh. I would also like to thank all who have contributed their work; this journal would not be possible without you. Thank you to our readers and supporters.

– Angel Therese Dionne


Issue 1.0 Table of Contents