Dominick Coppi

The Seance of Wind: A Program for the Initiate in the Realm of Hypnos

(A Surrealist Exploration of Beauty and Intoxication in an Epoch of Paraphrenia)

1. The dissolution.

2. A failed attempt to coexist with spectres.

3. A lens made of resin. Amber encases limbs and makes prisoners of shallow waters into depths

3a. Phantasmagoric fruits fed through grape vines lead souls into capsules of stagnant time.

3b. Centuries of psychic derangement bears rotting orchards.

4. The wind enforces circumstantial acres of bereavement to coalesce around the eye veins of the homunculus, causing psychic discomfort.

5. Hypnos feeds spells of slumber from mouth to ear.

6. The pulse of the wind distorts and comforts ancient aches.

7. There is a return, but why dismiss this euphoric hypnosis?