David Nadeau


Sites of the Shadow


worthy to attain the reverse that deforms
                      the threshold in reverse at the poorly housed zenith
he plays with the century of bronze and the duration of the black oscillations of his disappearance
absent to have handled the night peacock
and mute at the lead veils


immersion in the embryonic poetry of the unknown body
                      the wet riddle at the hells of heavy waves and fairy
the golden erosion moves the lips and the fingers of the abyss at the fall of a gesture

the echo of a horned desire dons the reflection of the roses


if the city is the almond of the floods by the vast expanses of stained glass a fragment of night pales the veil of the awakenings


palpate the tear of an abyss about to break into the atmospheric bark of the streets


evaporated again


The Axis of Fog
she is blindfolded
attentive to unravel the immense spirals
in a room with colors of mirage
this nude scene unites with chance by a secret door
some vestiges approach
space explores the intonations in the lower regions of the flame
the transmission of the bones faces the obstacles of the rose
the interior of the skull remains motionless
for the unknown ear that you will deposit at the foot of the question
in the hollow of the crowned ear


Dark Healer Dream

The lion, at his decline, conjures the crossing of the fluids
The eyelids of clay are intoxicated
thunderstorms locked in small pebbles
the inexplicable sand of certainties
sudden mathematical of the snakes
the miniature wandering of the tribes and trumpets
The strange nodes of the dead, and the stairs, abound over ravines: the silverware of the fraudulent errors
The house appears The parchment is rooted under the walls of the equinox
The inner fortress of the peacock tells his vow and his scarf
Humanity is the orthodox result of a deterioration in the syntax

The moon with spoon eyes turns against the brains
It sits in the fallen and rimless fire
the misshapen triangle of the angel

The metallic depths of the witchery immolate the entranced family
The pharmaceutical birth of the rectangle is wearing arteries
The ridicule wind is a pestilential remedy
the pungent smoke of the unconscious treasure
The imperial neck reaches hypnosis
the profane boat of nail clippings
A sleepwalker planet predicts the bloodstained plagiarism
The tattooed bird threatens the christian zodiac, code hatched in the eagle ingested by a consciousness
The royal egg accelerates
The flame breaks the mirror of asceticism
The ankle is a coffin key
The animal in ecstasy between two bites
dark healer dream


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