Daphnée Azoulay

A Verdict Apart

I’m told to do my hair
To dress differently, and I think it’s
better that I leave

We hide
To stop the flow
Closed windows
We are at the same time in a glass country
Of very sunny roads

I would have to see
The irrational landscape close up around
Beings as good as they are evil
Developing in the dark

We go into the closet
Stretch the paper walls
We don’t know if it is chance
To live like lunatics
Our laughter is soaked with cement
The rest evaporates

I measured the conflict
Normality is rare
My freedom winds through the mind
Recall that the hour is worsening
Faced with a world of artifice
And consolations

My throat has scales
Has taken the form
Of wrinkled souls
Without knowing where to go
I decomposed the clots
Hid all the pieces

From this picture
I remove myself
To incubate
Without slowing down
Hanging out in algae