D. Russel Micnhimer



All evidence supports
the fact that I am me–

rumors that I’m more
than one must be false–

seasons of my seemings
tease tied tiers in truths
piled perfectly in well
patinated plaited queues
chopped off by belted
unfettled well tempered
platitudes like stacked chords
of classic masters waiting
to be burned like diabolical
eyes into blanking discs

parked in parallel pageants
of voices questioning
existences of themselves

barking toward far banks of cantilevered
cacophonic battles that are neither lost nor won
but are rebated to the highest
master bitter bidder, scraped
repainted, spit polished
and cast into a momentary
molded market wrapped
in coded bars while
freedom breaths a thin
relieved breath through straws
washed clean of salts combined
to rifle powder rifts between
moguls and projectiled faces

wrapped between bent
rented edges of consensual
banality and sabored tips
that slash superlatively silly
slogans into lithely lettered
pageants– page
ants migrating toward
multiple wholes across
perforated first frontier editions
of holy gray undigested writs.


D. Russel Micnhimer has been writing poetry for forty five years while working at a variety of jobs and traveling through much of the world pursuing his interests in the archaeology of ancient civilizations and rock art. He is author of several books on rock art, fiction and poetry including his latest collection Notes to Be Left with the Gatekeeper published by Global Fraternity of Poets which earned him the honor of Poet Laureate from that group. His latest book is called Lotus Mirage: 52 New Ghazals In English. He holds a degree from the University of Oregon. His books are available at Meaningofrockart.com

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