Contest to Marry the Moon


On the back of a hyena
The Moon sends out an invitation
To all the suitors with hands of rosy butter
It sounds like she will marry
The finest dressed scoundrel
So do not tarry, tarry
Send your midnight schmatta

To enter the contest, send us a fragment or ornament to be incorporated in a lunar nuptial garment. The fragment can be any material or object you wish and can be accompanied by a title and/or a description.
The fragments will be woven together into a multisex wedding garment. This garment will be awarded to the winner of the competition.


Jason Abdelhadi: Moon Golem and Papoose
Megan Leach: Lunar Dowsing Rod and Brooch
Merl Fluin: Nuptial Clitoral Armor
Ron Sakolsky: Red and Black Fabric
David Nadeau: Poster Pieces
Casi Cline: Golden Teeth and Textiles
Kathleen Fox: Feather Bone

The Moon’s Intermediary wears the nuptial garment and carries the Lunar Dowsing Rod, which will point to the one the Moon wants to wed.

Objects were chosen by chance for each contestant and inscribed with their names. They all waited in a row for the Moon to make her choice.

Twice the Intermediary made her rounds and twice the Moon indicated Ron Sakolsky for her partner.