Cid V Brunet


Anger Management

When I was a cockroach I didn’t have all these feelings getting under my fingernails. I’d never levitate over shivering fields of organdy poppies; fog rolling in like an anthem.

I used to climb quilts as thin as the skin covering the jugular. Cross-stitched echos of sonar struck gypsum like chords. Commit to this night, she said, illuminated by a sparkler plucked from the birthday cake of a nation. Magnesium mercy extended. Don’t tell them when you will be back. Slither into the black river to swim amongst stars.



Salt Water

Dyslexia puts the dancer in danger. A survivor with an eye for diamonds she smuggled her snails back across the border. Three folded under each breast. Tossed confetti at the wedding of volcanoes. Where the crematorium smoke stack bent without breaking the bodies of gymnasts. In the dumpster; uncapped syringes stuffed into a two liter pop bottle, caught like a lie. Tough as komboucha leather. Poor as a hospital. Drones use my vermillion wrists as runways. Weakness becomes the salt water in which I float.



Machine Adopts Two Human Children

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He Thinks It Impossible

for him to hurt anyone as much as he was hurt.

He cradled the long necked gourd until
the warmth between his chrysanthemums
turned her into a heron with a gut full of parasites.

They whispered to her through her bloodline.
Confused the flight out of her.

She folded her wings
cured of life.


Cid V Brunet is a creative writing student who writes poetry and short fiction. Her work has recently appeared on Strange Horizons, Words, Pauses, and Noises and in Rhapsody an anthology of Guelph writing. She lives and writes in Kitchener Ontario.

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