Chimera Surrealist Group – Ottawa

The Masque of the Generals

January 3 2017
Players: JA, LL, PP, AG, HT – afterwards named by JR

Description: Here, a masque in the sense of a performance, a ball, or a gathering. A gala evening of revolt. After playing this particular round of exquisite corpse, it was determined that the coincidence of thematic elements all seemed to indicate that the creatures in question were officers or generals of some sort (military uniforms, epaulettes, regalia, weapons, war machines etc). What was evident was that they were, for whatever occasion, on parade. Accordingly, JR, who did not participate in the drawing of this round, gave them all distinguished, militaristic names. It is not at all conclusive that these creatures are particularly effective as a military force, or if like Frederick I of Prussia’s regiment of giants, they are intended primarily for marching around and standing guard as toy soldiers.

Vukodlak Von Libaghunt of Farkasember


Vengeful spirits sent by Lozen to fight against capitalist neoliberalism


The sissy great-great-great grandson of Tomoe Gozen


The bastard son of St. Cecilia