22 02, 2019

Merl Fluin – The Golden Cut

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The much anticipated surrealist western from Merl Fluin is now available! From the Gorgon in Furs blog: Ante up, dreamers… Circus stunt rider TJ Breckenridge is devastated when her horse Cowhead is snatched from the big top one night. Because Cowhead is no ordinary circus animal: secret daughter of TJ’s lover, she is simultaneously horse [...]

22 06, 2017

Translation Game – with Josef Janda & Václav Švankmajer

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Rules: Write a surrealist translation of poem in a language which you cannot read. Václav Švankmajer original: Casi Cline Prevent Saliva Miscarriage no cracks present just skulls to visit predispositions deliriously … mate radishes noble and just stands nighttime, an abyss to scare …a chief just might know me to be lost? a protozoan acclivity [...]

7 03, 2017

The Hartley Mob

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"The gangsters of the Hartley Mob, who made their rendezvous in the dives around Broadway and Houston street, were attracting much attention by using a hearse and carriages to transport their plunder through the streets. The vehicles proceeded like a funeral, with the stolen goods concealed behind the black drapings of the hearse and on [...]

19 02, 2017

Surrealist realism by Jesús Garcías Rodriguez & Bruno Jacobs

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We recently found out through Facebook that an “International Surrealist Exhibition” took place in the Municipal Museum of Cartago in Costa Rica (free admission), which shares a logo with a certain Camaleonart Foundation — Art and Entertainment (and that is precisely what it is to a large extent nowadays). It deals with no less than [...]