26 11, 2019


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A journey into topsy-turvy. A wo/man with a penchant for squeezing red seals finds that Friendly Computer has ceased to function. And on a lazy saturday, too! Whatever will our hikikomori surhero do? Play the Big Outgame? Fine. Fine. But in that strange land of stickysweet chaos, who, indeed, will finally triumph? Will it [...]

12 01, 2019

Joël Gayraud – The Attic of the Abyss

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It often happens that some confirmation signal comes in after one of our issues has wrapped up. We welcome this as an indication that the game is not finished, that the exploration continues, and that nothing is ever truly “too late”. In this case, Joël Gayraud has sent us a startling piece of theatre on [...]

1 09, 2017

Hagstone Review—Rings A Bell

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In the creepiest corner of the commodity market, among the cheapest and most embarrassing DREGS of garage sales and bargain bins and used-book stores, a new spirit is forming from the misshapen, the forgotten, the uncanny leftovers of the literary. HAGSTONE REVIEWS seek to unearth these eso-erotic atavisms for the world at large, in the [...]

20 09, 2016

The Cenote

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Night passes and I wake from an imageless slumber. I push myself out from my dark water cocoon and jerkily climb up the side of the Sacred Cenote, up towards the sun and its warmth. My worm-like body leaves behind a sticky sweet residue, and I sense each new step through the six slits of [...]

29 08, 2016

AGAIN BE AWARE by Arthur Spota

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ARIES HOROSCOPE: (As translated from Japanese) AGAIN BE AWARE Keep your fingertips, dear Aries.  Keep your spirit so that it will find this spot in the soup, vacuum the water cooler tellin' jokes and so become rather irritated by everyone else; concentrate on a roll, and exercise a little patience, who knows what comes of [...]