13 06, 2016

The Surrealist Group in Paris

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Les Fondements de la Mécanique Céleste

The Surrealist Group in Paris has just published the results of a stunning theatrical game played in 2014. Combining characters from their collective mythology with the aleatory and blindfolded methodology of an exquisite corpse, they have collectively composed a piece for the theatre that antagonizes everything we hate about the pretentions of the modern stage:

Think about it: for an admirer of Paracelsus and Tex Avery, what could generally be shittier than spending an evening at the theatre in Paris? … During several weeks in the year 2014, at their weekly meetings, the Surrealists of the Paris Group played at writing a piece of theatre without worrying for a single moment about its general intrigue, nor the psychology of its characters, nor the depths of the prompt box.
-Guy Girard

Billy the Kidd shares the stage with Rrose Sélavy, Juliette, Nicholas Flamel and other beloved superheroes from the surrealist mythos. And the strange title? The name of a popular science book found by chance on the street.

Image by Virginia Tentindo

contact: guy.girard10 AT sfr DOT fr

20 05, 2016

Ody Saban

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“Shoots of Utopian Festivals”

Thurs Jun 2
6:00- 9:30

Gallery Claire Corcia
323 Rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris France

Petite fille s'identifiant à une algue 2015

” Petite fille s’identifiant à une algue “, 2015, Ody SABAN
Encre de Chine et acrylique sur toile – 73 x 116 cm

13 05, 2016

Issue 3

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Dear Friends,
We are thrilled to announce the release of our Spring 2016 issue of Peculiar Mormyrid. This is our largest issue to date with contributions from 61 participants across 15 countries around the world. 2016 also marks the 50th anniversary since the death of André Breton. In homage to his memory and the living spirit of revolt that it continues to inspire, we have included a section dedicated especially to him, “Pas Un Cadavre”, which we have also made available as a standalone volume. Surrealist greetings! Happy Friday the 13th!


21 04, 2016

Alice, The Looking Glass Threw

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Thanks to John Richardson for sending in these lovely collages, from the book Alice, The Looking Glass Threw with John Welson. Alice, The Looking Glass Threw was published in 2014 and marking the 60th anniversary of the translation of Lewis Carroll’s book into Welsh, with contributions from many surrealists around the world. It can be found here.



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