17 05, 2015

Weekly Question

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Write a 25-word short story that incorporates all of the following words (answers will be posted on website blog): Scorched Cream Raven Dough Flailing Casi Cline: The cream-filled scorched dough epiphanies were the only delight of the pastry chefs doomed to a lifetime of panicked flailing in the Raven’s infernal kitchen. Steven Cline: The scorched [...]

26 04, 2015

Weekly Question

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Make your own surrealist superstitions or proverbs. Casi Cline: "To ensure a female child will be marriageable, the father must smear her forehead with the milk of the largest bull in the county during every new moon until the first menstrus cycle is successfully completed." Steven Cline: "Counting backwards from 17 can be dangerous, often [...]

18 04, 2015

Weekly Question

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Weekly Question 1) What does surrealism taste like? 2) What is its texture? David Nadeau - 1) Surrealism tastes like aromatical herbs unknown to mankind since the Paleolithic. 2) Its texture is made of furs and claws. Steven Cline - 1) Strawberries covered in melted white cheese. 2) A sharp metal mesh Casi Cline - [...]