6 08, 2016

The Head of Doctor Faustus as He Appeared By Chance in the Dirt by Jason Abdelhadi

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 [BENVOLIO strikes off FAUSTUS' head.]         His head is off. - The Tragedy of Doctor Faustus, Christopher Marlowe On the evening of Friday, July 29th 2016, I was walking on Mackenzie Avenue in downtown Ottawa, directly in front of a Tudor-Gothic monstrosity called the Connaught Building, which houses the Canadian Revenue Agency. This part of the city [...]

2 06, 2016

In Defense of the Night

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For months now the ever expanding and record-breakingly hot Working Day has been trying to apply its pernicious, diurnal HR policies to the darkness. Night's creatures are having none of it. The acute point is to be found, surprisingly, in moribund France and the streets of Paris. It's as if we were 200 years in [...]