11 06, 2019

Hypnagogic film for your indoor voice, please!

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Scene I   A flower spreads open in black and white with a tentacle for each petal. One cloudy day this plant will gesture threateningly to a line of elementary students in front of their school.   Voice: “The smallest is the best kind.”   [This film is cut from the hypnagogic imagery and phrases [...]

3 02, 2019

Bessie A. Ficklen – Dream-Poetry (1891)

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Brief introduction to an oneiricist aunty Every once in a while another hidden ancestor will pop up in the most unlikely of spots. We think it’s important to bring these missing links to light wherever possible, and to celebrate the often hidden efforts of dreamworld explorers of all times and eras… Oh there you are, [...]

25 11, 2018

The Duck of Revolution Awakens

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Dream of November 23, 2018: I am browsing the internet and come across a page entitled “Ducks of Cartersville”. The purpose of this page is to champion the revolutionary potential of ducks. I scroll the feed and see countless pictures of ducks, and people are discussing the revolutionary pros and cons of each duck in [...]

13 01, 2018

A Few Words on the Candles in the Bookstore by Ethan Vilu

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It was a truly beautiful and elegant store, oblong and wooden, with giant curved shelves of books stacked high, up and into a painted, domed ceiling. Titles ranged from the universally known to the utterly esoteric, and there were journals and postcards, and travel guides to all of the wonders of the world. There were [...]

5 12, 2017


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An oneiric communication from Bruno Jacobs to Jason Abdelhadi, December 4th 2017: "Last night I dreamed that I saw the following internet publication of yours, ELEKTRON. I think that it was a kind of newsletter, and it looked quite exactly like this anyway, with paragraphs that didn’t really make sense to me, including odd numbers [...]

8 10, 2017

Oneiric Warning by Jason Abdelhadi

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One night as I was drifting off to sleep, the idea occurred to me that, just like a film, the start of a dream might also be preceded by a sort of copyright infringement warning: WARNING: The unauthorized repression or alteration of this dream is illegal. Criminal subconscious infringement, including infringement that results in monetary [...]

23 07, 2017

The Pogo Enigma

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SC: Mattias Forshage mentioned Pogo and the Okefenokee in an email, which set me off on a Pogo hunt, feeling something needed exploring down there in a vague sort of way. We only had time for a quick stop, and went to the more touristy entrance on the north. An interesting desolateness, still, and a [...]

18 04, 2015

Water Mormyrid – A Dream Record

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I was a mormyrid composed of water. It was the most horrifying and yet delicious sense I had ever experienced. I could suddenly feel the sharp edges of my teeth fray from my eyeballs, like beams of light coming through a window on a warm Sunday morning. - contributed by Ashley DeFlaminis

15 04, 2015

Garden Gar – A Perplexing Dream

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A swarm of gar infested my back-yard vegetable garden. Whenever I ventured outdoors they gathered around me, attempting to nip at my ankles and ribs with their snapping jaws and elongated teeth. An expert on the matter informed me that a liberal spraying of lemon juice would help rid my garden of the infestation. Unfortunately [...]

15 04, 2015

Two Dreams

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Casi Cline I was walking through an empty airport, and I had the feeling that the world had been ending for a thousand years. My flesh was dripping and I needed a place for repairs. I came upon a conveniently located airport funeral home, but I soon discovered it only served people made of fruit. [...]