Casi Cline

Albino Cabbiform
Dream Poetics

You may know me as the only grower of Albino Cabbages in the Western Hemisphere, but you may be less farmiliar with the reason why I am dedicated to preserving this particular species: Albino Cabbages are, in fact, my favorite Poets.

Cabbages are, as I am sure you know, among the most prolific writers in the Vegetal Kingdom, turning out hundreds of Great Works of Fiction and NonFiction every year in their native Cabbiform, a complex and beautiful script writing translated only recently in the history of Vegetal Literature. Since then, Cabbiform translators and aficionados have observed that Cabbage varieties tend to have favorite genres. To name a few, Green Cabbages tend to like Philosophy, Red Cabbages often enjoy Esoteric subjects, and Savoy Cabbages are fond of writing Revolutionary Tracts. However, it being clear to all in our Enlightened Field of Study that a Specimen of any Vegetal or Animal Group is the Sum of Many Parts and their Group Identity is just one of them, we avoid making Generalizations based on Variety when dealing with Individuals.

While working with the obscure Albino Cabbage, I have found them to be prolific writers of Poetry, producing as much per cabbita, as the famed Golden Beets. However, their Fecundity would not be sufficient to justify my Admiration if the Nature of their Poetry was other or lesser than it is. You see, Albino Cabbages have a unique Cabbiculture and Mythology centered around Dreams. They see Dreaming as the Shadow Half of Waking, invisible in the Light but just as Real, and strive to integrate the Dream into the Waking. Using Words as Dream Tunnels, they produce startling and intuitive Poems that have the ability to arouse the reader like nothing I have experienced before. But the Cabbages may best speak for themselves. To honor her memory I have chosen to include a few Poems by the late Gabbie Chartreause, my favorite Albino Cabbage Poet and the best Friend I ever had.

renticulating veigns
enblossomed in choloroform
unfolding in storms of honey trance
a slipping of stings on centerings
instigates centrifically a dripping of
multifarious jewel beetle wings
so then
squawk softly as you belabor
voluptuating showers falling up
sliding through tendrils
enveigled and luminously dark
with slits of enmeshening flesh on flesh
in tunneling significances of seeds

emmissaries of cortex
spinning up with spider arteries
parting leaves behind the germ
but parting leaves behind
just one rippled world
no more than
an apple-mold heart attempt
at turning off the tap root
to doppelganger lust
a physiognomy of opening
where forms enfoam nematodal
carnalion petals in their
fluctuations of sensation
emmisaries of cortex
may be born next to
peel back atmosphere skins

a presentiment of spasm
sucks at traceries of electricscape
the ommatophore tingle clandestings
along sublaminal reticulations
frangible and vestaline
make haste, make ready your
undiscovered vesselinity
pulsations of horror fascination
pulsations of masochasm yawning
yearning for a
fathoming of a mollusk kind
an excavation of coral aroma
stay still, stay ready
this oath of frenzy awaits
a night looming hour
beguiling away the zenith
in teasing, seducing with
promises of cranial crucifixion
of lobial perforation
and worry not
the time will come
in fact, has come
quicker even than
your eager dread had hoped
the twitching hour has come
with it the fungal-infection gasp
of gastropodian penetration
mucosally lugubricated
parodoxseismically discovering
a passage invisible before
an opening of doors

Sketch of Gabbie Chartreause (†), a wonderful Poet and Friend, including a detail of Albino Cabbiform Script found on one of her inner Labial Leaves.