Merl Fluin – The Golden Cut

The much anticipated surrealist western from Merl Fluin is now available!

From the Gorgon in Furs blog:

Ante up, dreamers…

Circus stunt rider TJ Breckenridge is devastated when her horse Cowhead is snatched from the big top one night. Because Cowhead is no ordinary circus animal: secret daughter of TJ’s lover, she is simultaneously horse and human. TJ hires a drifter called Cantos Can to help her find and rescue Cowhead. Together they ride out into a desert populated by weird animals, feuding mystery cults, and the remnants of a lost culture known only as the Great Invisibles. But then Cantos goes missing too… and TJ is forced to choose sides in a war where dreams are deadly weapons.

Combining hallucinatory imagery with pulp-fiction plotting, The Golden Cut is a tale of tripped-out gunslingers, puppet-headed outlaws, crystal caves, and magicians on the rampage.

Get yourself a copy in paperback or ebook format. Hi ho, slither away!

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Bessie A. Ficklen – Dream-Poetry (1891)

Brief introduction to an oneiricist aunty

Every once in a while another hidden ancestor will pop up in the most unlikely of spots. We think it’s important to bring these missing links to light wherever possible, and to celebrate the often hidden efforts of dreamworld explorers of all times and eras… Oh there you are, great-great-aunty B, floating in the old dream-mirror …

Bessie Alexander Ficklen (1861-1945) was an American and a southerner who lived in Georgia. She seems to have published only sparingly. Apart from this essay she appears to be most often cited for her Handbook of Fist Puppets, contributing significantly to the popularization of that particular art, and even participating in what must be one of the earliest films on the subject. She illustrated a book of nonsense poetry, and was part of at least one art exhibition in Texas. She also published privately circulated books of poetry and illustrations, which we have unfortunately not yet been able to track down.


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Joël Gayraud – The Attic of the Abyss

It often happens that some confirmation signal comes in after one of our issues has wrapped up. We welcome this as an indication that the game is not finished, that the exploration continues, and that nothing is ever truly “too late”. In this case, Joël Gayraud has sent us a startling piece of theatre on the theme of “As Above, So Below”. We think itmakes a delicious epilogue (click here for the English translation).


Joël Gayraud


Sotie en 7 scènes 


Liste des personnages, par ordre d’apparition :


ARTHUR, cuisinier à bord du Ronflant, sous-marin à air comprimé.

MÉLISANDE, hôtesse de l’air à bord d’un long courrier reliant Vancouver à Samarcande

GRISÉLIDIS, capitaine du sous-marin

ISIDORE, pilote d’avion.


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The Duck of Revolution Awakens

Dream of November 23, 2018: I am browsing the internet and come across a page entitled “Ducks of Cartersville”. The purpose of this page is to champion the revolutionary potential of ducks. I scroll the feed and see countless pictures of ducks, and people are discussing the revolutionary pros and cons of each duck in the comment section below each photo. – Steven

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