The Akasha Suite by John Richardson

The Akasha Suite, a marvelous new collection of collage and writing has just been released by John Richardson. 'An exquisite combination of text and image, in a fantastic voyage into the Unknown and the Visible/Invisible...' - Michael Löwy Save Save Save

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Paramormyrops ntotom

A new mormyrid has been discovered, "Paramormyrops ntotom". Come up with a common name or some hidden characteristics for this curious new elephant fish. What are its Hobbies, birth sign, favorite books, life story? Is it looking for the casual hookup or perhaps something more long term? Jason Abdelhadi Common name: Swamp Captain Hobbies: Torturing [...]

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Translation Game

Rules: Write a surrealist translation of poem in a language which you cannot read. Josef Janda original: Steven Cline: 5 Dinosaur Eggs Proclaim on the very drizzly land 5 Dinosaur Eggs A piece of Vlad’s Library card Is Infecting the halls of paleontology Perverse mushroom spores Yes - the glass Dostoevsky is steaming hot Prevail [...]

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Recent Flood Activity by Jason Abdelhadi

March 4, 2016 I read a comic in which Little Nemo’s bedroom is flooded. “After the storm subsided he discovered the land he was on to be moving swiftly through the water but the voice allayed his fears.” April 13, 2016 I note down the following quotation from Victor Hugo: “Revolt is a sort of [...]

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The Grass Plot Round A Sun-Dial by Jason Abdelhadi

Do you know who is in your garden? Is it a pronoun combined with a chronological list of achievements? Or is it a self-conscious spell, projecting itself on various situations? Does it cast a shadow at brillig? Does it salivate over its own legend? Or is it starving to escape its own fixity, in a [...]

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New book from Dark Windows Press

ANDRÉ BRETON’S ARCANE 17: A LODESTAR FOR THE 21st CENTURY A CONTEMPORARY CELEBRATION is from an idea by Patrick Lepetit, John Richardson & John Welson and includes contributions from: Jean Bonnin, Miguel de Carvalho, Jean-Claude Charbonel, Neil Coombs, Guy Ducornet, Krzystoft Fijalkowski, Kathy Fox, Beth Garon, Paul Garon, Guy Girard, Mary Jacob, Patrick Lepetit, Rik [...]

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The Hartley Mob

"The gangsters of the Hartley Mob, who made their rendezvous in the dives around Broadway and Houston street, were attracting much attention by using a hearse and carriages to transport their plunder through the streets. The vehicles proceeded like a funeral, with the stolen goods concealed behind the black drapings of the hearse and on [...]

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Surrealist realism by Jesús Garcías Rodriguez & Bruno Jacobs

We recently found out through Facebook that an “International Surrealist Exhibition” took place in the Municipal Museum of Cartago in Costa Rica (free admission), which shares a logo with a certain Camaleonart Foundation — Art and Entertainment (and that is precisely what it is to a large extent nowadays). It deals with no less than [...]

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End Notes from the Aquatic Lanthorn by Jason Abdelhadi

My object here is simply to project the draught of a systematisation of Cetology. I am the architect, not the builder. But it is a ponderous task; no ordinary letter-sorter in the Post Office is equal to it. To grope down into the bottom of the sea after them; to have one’s hands among the [...]

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