Hagstone Review—Rings A Bell

In the creepiest corner of the commodity market, among the cheapest and most embarrassing DREGS of garage sales and bargain bins and used-book stores, a new spirit is forming from the misshapen, the forgotten, the uncanny leftovers of the literary. HAGSTONE REVIEWS seek to unearth these eso-erotic atavisms for the world at large, in the [...]

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The Pogo Enigma

SC: Mattias Forshage mentioned Pogo and the Okefenokee in an email, which set me off on a Pogo hunt, feeling something needed exploring down there in a vague sort of way. We only had time for a quick stop, and went to the more touristy entrance on the north. An interesting desolateness, still, and a [...]

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Erotic Substitution

Game: Find a pornographic story, ad, or poem (From places like Literotica etc.) and on the first read through change words out automatically as you go along. Steven Desperate to Sponge Ch. 03 Freud had always fantasized about being controlled by a Ostrich, being told when to pontificate and when not to pontificate, but he [...]

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Drawing game

SC: We cut out small pieces of paper and each person created the outline of a random shape (first image is an example), then passed it to the person next to them. That person filled in what they saw and so on. A few results below. Save Save Save Save Save Save

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Rikki Ducornet & Margie McDonald – Crazy Happy

Crazy Happy June 29 - July 30 Painted Scrolls by Rikki Ducornet & Sculpture by Margie McDonald Northwind Gallery, Port Townsend, WA, 2017. In my book of essays, The Deep Zoo, I wonder: What if, just as the traces of our earliest forms persist encoded in our genes, a golden age persists deep within the [...]

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Translation Game – with Josef Janda & Václav Švankmajer

Rules: Write a surrealist translation of poem in a language which you cannot read. Václav Švankmajer original: Casi Cline Prevent Saliva Miscarriage no cracks present just skulls to visit predispositions deliriously … mate radishes noble and just stands nighttime, an abyss to scare …a chief just might know me to be lost? a protozoan acclivity [...]

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THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF HOPE Objects excavated from the future Surrealist exhibition in a hut on Small Hope Beach, Shanklin Saturday 17 – Friday 23 June + SURREALIST SUMMER SOLSTICE an evening of talks, performances and experiments Wednesday 21 June, 7.30pm Ventnor Exchange Free admission

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