I Wagered Deep On The Run Of Six Rats To See Which Would Catch The First Fire

"Penelope Rosemont once said, “in a sense, all outsider art is surrealist art…” And this was the singular inspiration for this collection. Here, Surrealists are teamed with stalwarts of Fluxus, renegades that have no compass, as well as Outsiders who have rejected the false map of convention. “Be capable of the marvelous” was our call. [...]

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Mariusze Figle

Mariusze Figle, a surrealist emergence from subcarpathian Poland.  You can check out their blog here. mushrooms-man on the bank of great water separating two black lands at the moment of vision  

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Revolutionary Imagination: Chicago Surrealism from Object to Activism

June 7-10, 2018 Revolutionary Imagination: Chicago Surrealism from Object to Activism Exhibitions, Film, History, Theory, Manifestoes, Theater, Poetry, & Music ... at Various Locations in Chicago Why Surrealism? Why Chicago? Why Now? Why Not? Celebrating the 1968 Chicago Surrealist Protest Show at 50 years! 1968: Object by Robert Green, poetry byFranklin Rosemont (Barbara’s Bookstore [...]

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Fresh Dirt Surrealist Sympatica

http://www.fresh-dirt.us/ Fresh Dirt, the deep South’s newest artistic collective researching practicing Surrealism in the 21st Century, will host an exhibition & creative soire’ in May! The collective is an offspring of previous incarnations, it’s member’s having originated activities as early as 1974 in Tuscaloosa, infamously known as Raudelunas, out of which birthed the first Birmingham [...]

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Joël Gayraud and Pierre Peuchmaurd

It's worth announcing two new French books for 2018 (and that will shortly be available in Québec): To start, the first ever reprint of surrealist poet Pierre Peuchmaurd's Plus Vivants Que Jamais, (with an introduction by Joël Gayraud) published when he was 20 years old shortly after May '68: "Just between two cobblestones passed from one hand to [...]

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L’Ouverture de la Chasse by Guy Girard

L’OUVERTURE DE LA CHASSE A Jason Abdelhadi   Il n’y a pas qu’en ce pays que les bonshommes de neige font la courte échelle aux corbeaux pour qu’ils plantent d’étranges fleurs sur les nuages et des herbes et des lianes et des cactus et des dents de loups montées en collier par les gens de [...]

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