Beaver Moon Dream

I dream I am on my phone trying to record a dream account when the screen suddenly gets dull. I start to scroll and search and suddenly am very confused – there are dreams there but they don’t look like my own. I see strange old computer graphics of esoteric figures, illustrated in computer figures as if composed with the old children’s computer game, Storybook Weaver. I notice others in the room with me now. Somehow my phone is now somebody else’s, somebody very odd who also records dreams but uses Storybook Weaver to illustrate them. I need some air so try to go outside. At this point I leave the building. Just south of my apartment is a bridge with only a little bit of traffic. I notice it is early morning and still dark. It is in fact November 4 2017, day of the full “Beaver Moon” which actually emerges from behind the clouds. I look up in awe, it is very large. I stumble forward along the bridge realizing it is a great spot for moon gazing and star gazing and wonder why I had never done it before. I suddenly get very dizzy and tired. I lie face down with my arms spread out as a kind of submission or supplication to the moon. I fall asleep.