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15 04, 2015

Garden Gar – A Perplexing Dream

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A swarm of gar infested my back-yard vegetable garden. Whenever I ventured outdoors they gathered around me, attempting to nip at my ankles and ribs with their snapping jaws and elongated teeth. An expert on the matter informed me that a liberal spraying of lemon juice would help rid my garden of the infestation. Unfortunately the acidity of the spray only made the gar amorous and their numbers continued to increase until I feared the largest of the group would come crashing through my kitchen window.

Angel Dionne


15 04, 2015

Two Dreams

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Casi Cline
I was walking through an empty airport, and I had the feeling that the world had been ending for a thousand years. My flesh was dripping and I needed a place for repairs. I came upon a conveniently located airport funeral home, but I soon discovered it only served people made of fruit.

Steven Cline
I am a branch on a giant bamboo tree. I slowly realize that all the other branches of the tree have a consciousness too, and we are connected as a hive mind. It is raining, and we are all consumed by the single minded idea to guide the water to the roots of the tree. As we do this, a dark haired nude women appears floating at the top of the tree. She is only a torso, arms, and a head. We are filled with awe think she is some sort of goddess. We begin to worship her. Suddenly, the scene changes and I am no longer a branch, just a disembodied mind. The women is stuck in a dark air duct, crying and smearing shit on the walls. At this moment I wake up, fearing scorpions in the bed.